The following individuals were listed as Advisers to Obama in the The Chicago Tribune article "Obama boasts a dedicated, high-powered inner circle" [1] and in The New York Sun article "Obama's Brain Trust Taking Shape" [2]

Energy/GW advisors Edit

  • Jack Darin : "energy policy advisor for Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama" Darin's Obama site blog[3]
    • Sierra club director, Illinois state [4]
    • "chief lobbyist for the Sierra Club's Illinois Chapter" [5]

Domestic Policy advisors Edit

  • Cassandra Butts: Harvard Law classmate and former senior policy adviser to Dick Gephardt

Foreign Policy Advisors Edit

  • Gregory Craig
    • director of policy planning, Clinton State department.
    • defense team for President Clinton's impeachment is a newcomer to foreign policy.
  • Daniel Shapiro leads Middle East group.
    • former deputy chief of staff to Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida. Mr. Shapiro, who leads the Middle East group, spearheaded efforts in Congress to designate al Manar, the satellite television channel for Hezbollah, as a foreign terrorist organization. He sends his children to the Jewish Primary Day School in Washington, D.C.[6]
  • Anthony Lake "one of the campaign's most senior advisers"[7]
    • quotes in Sun article suggest interest in Middle East.
  • Samantha Power a professor at Harvard University and an expert in genocide and international law "The campaign has called her a foreign policy adviser, though not an adviser specifically on the Middle East"
  • Susan Rice
    • senior staff, President Clinton's national security council. served as assistant secretary of State for African affairs
    • outspoken foe of the Sudanese regime for the last ten years.
    • senior adviser for Senator Kerry's campaign.
  • Evidently she lied to the American people pertaining to the Benghazi killings.
  • Ben Rhodes chief speechwriter on foreign policy.
    • lead staff writer for the Iraq Study Group recommendations
    • coauthor of Lee Hamilton's and Thomas Kean's memoir of the commission to investigate September 11.
  • Denis McDonough "point guard" on foreign policy
    • formerly was legislative aide to Senator Daschle
  • Richard Danzig one of Senator Obama's chief advisers on military affairs.
    • secretary of the Navy for President Clinton
    • Education: Yale law, Rhodes scholar

Economic advisorsEdit

Technology advisorsEdit

  • Julius Genachowski: Harvard Law classmate, technology executive and former top aide to FCC chairman
    • Worked on Obama Tech & Innovation Plan [8]
  • Alec Ross: Identified as an Obama "science advisor" [9]
    • senior vice president of the non-profit One Economy Corporation- focussed on Digital divide issue
  • Reed Hundt[10]
  • Bill Kennard[10]
  • Daniel Weitzner[10]
  • Bill Kennard[10]
  • Eric Schmidt[10]
  • Craig Newmark[10]
  • Lawrence Lessig[11]

Roles in policy to be identified further Edit

  • David Axelrod: Uber campaign strategist; journalist-turned-media consultant who knows how to turn a phrase and throw a punch
    • named Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor
  • Michele Obama: Harvard-educated lawyer; South Side native grounds him in reality, her husband’s “true north”
  • Bill Daley: Former Clinton Cabinet member and mayoral has quietly asked others for support
  • Robert Gibbs: Veteran of several campaigns; a seasoned political spokesman with “Northern ruthlessness and Southern charm”
  • Valerie Jarrett: Friend and confidant; lawyer and former deputy to Mayor Richard Daley who speaks her mind on politics and policy
  • Peter Rouse: Former top aide to Tom Daschle. Cautious institutionalist known for discretion.
  • Jim Reynolds: Chicago financial executive
  • John Rogers: Mutual fund executive and major Chicago Democratic fundraiser
  • David Plouffe: Level-headed and low-key, “one of the most well-rounded strategists.”
  • Michael Froman: Harvard Law classmate, financial executive and former top aide to Bob Rubin
  • Broderick Johnson: Former Clinton White House aide and telecom lobbyist
  • Martin Nesbitt: Parking company president close to Pritzker family


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