Policy decided by the 99%, not the 1%.
All political perspectives welcome. Please respect consensus process and assume good faith.
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Self Paying PHEV loans

Summary: 2008 Hawaii State Democratic Party Resolution. Long term support for PHEV sales can be sustained with a revenue neutral program. Because a program that allows PHEVs to be sold at competitive prices can be constructed in a way that pays for itself, it is possible to extend the program to all PHEV sales, not simply the first million. This will speed the transition of the US fleet (250 million vehicles) at a much higher adoption rate than can be achieved with tax credit subsidies. (more)

The 99 percent built Wikipedia, so what is so crazy about the 99 percent collaborating to build US policy? After each election, why should we citizens (democrat or republican alike) just politely sit down and shut up and leave Government policy to a 1% of political operatives and lobbyists to decide?

What if the people crafted their own policy proposals through a consensus process with like minded individuals? What if we at a group exerted pressure on legislators to incorporate our proposals, and vote for them? What if we as a group acted as a watchdog on legislation, writing articles to explain what particular lines would do, what lobbyists favor them, and which legislators favor and disfavor them?

Policypedia's goal is to become an encyclopedic reference of US government policy. Here, anyone may annotate speeches, policy papers, or governmental actions such as legislation to provide depth and explanation of the policy underlying those expressions. We restrict our coverage to providing information from a neutral point of view about the policies and policy proposals of public servants both at a local and national level. For more information on what this excludes see the article "What Policypedia is not".

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