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Right here, right now, you can help fellow citizens understand the larger policy dimensions of the words and actions of public servants. Helping everyone become better informed about rival approaches to solving problems will help elevate the level of political discourse.

Policypedia's goal is to become an encyclopedic reference of US government policy. Here, anyone may annotate speeches, policy papers, or governmental actions such as legislation to provide depth and explanation of the policy underlying those expressions. We restrict our coverage to providing information from a neutral point of view about the policies and policy proposals of public servants both at a local and national level. For more information on what this excludes see the article "What Policypedia is not".

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There are several places that you may want to be aware of when you start working on this Wiki. Some of them can be visited by clicking the links in the adjacent "Navigation Menu", and some are unique to this site. They are all useful to those working the wiki.
  • About Policypedia - An alternative index to Policypedia, and a more in depth treatment of the theory behind policypedia.
  • Guided Tour - A quick tour of Policypedia, with a link to tours of other wikis in the Wikia community.
Good sources of information for researching policy:
  • Library of Congress Thomas search - Search for Congressional documents may return results when google does not. Bills, resolutions, committee reports and many others are covered.
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