The Hawaii Democratic party's convention will be held at Hilton Hawaii village, May 23rd to May 24th.

Oʻahu County Convention May 2-3, 2008 at the Dole Cannery Ballroom


Business and Economic DevelopmentEdit

  • Carol Fukunaga Co-Chair
    • senfukunaga at
    • State Senator (D-Makiki-Pawaa)
    • highly rated by Sierra Club.
    • DKos article [1]
  • Guy Archer Co-Chair Archerg001 at
  • One metaphor for policy in Honolulu is the ahupua'a system. basic self-sustaining unit, extended elements of Hawaiian spirituality into the natural landscape. Amidst a belief system that emphasized the interrelationship of elements and beings, the ahupua`a contained those interrelationships in the activities of daily and seasonal life. Shaped by island geography, each ahupua`a was a wedge-shaped area of land running from the uplands to the sea, following the natural boundaries of the watershed. Each ahupua`a contained the resources the human community needed, from fish and salt, to fertile land for farming taro or sweet potato, to koa and other trees growing in upslope areas. Villagers from the coast traded fish for other foods or for wood to build canoes and houses.
    • The idea translated to modern life is that if people lived close to where they worked and could get their resources, then there would be less stress on the transportation infrastructure. [2]